Car buyers happier in today’s information age


In today’s information age it is very easy for car buyers to be more knowledgeable than some salespeople. I believe if a salesperson truly has the best interest at heart for the buyer, they will stay on top of technical and market knowledge for the product they represent.

An article was just published called: “Knowledgeable salespeople make for happier car buyers, says J.D. Power” It points out that the online research available to car buyers is not enough to make a final buying decision.

Upon arrival at a dealership, buyers expect to find knowledgeable salespeople who can help answer questions and explain the technical aspects of an automobile. Customers admit they still prefer to interact with a salesperson or product specialist prior to buying a vehicle. Even after all their research, customers still rely on a salesperson to validate the conclusion of their research.

Car buyers expect a dealer’s or manufacture’s online specials to be up-to-date and easily explained by dealership staff. As a salesperson, I also have the same expectations as the potential clients I meet as my store. There have been times when I have had to ask for another salesperson when I run into a dummy, Especially when they were being less than honest in their answers to my questions and concerns.

I have had customers contact me because they not only did their homework for their vehicle of choice buy more and more buys are also researching salespeople by online reviews. In the end, customers say they also rely on the ability to follow up with and expect follow up from their car salespeople.


Source for article: NY Daily News November 16, 2017