For years I represented Toyota as a salesman. When the opportunity came to work with Lexus it was the only choice to consider. Lexus would be the only move I would condersider if I was to make any move at all. The Consumer Reports automotive satisfaction list is out and after surveying over 740,000 car owners and Lexus tops the reliablilty satisfaction list.

This year’s survey saw the rise of luxury brands

This year Consumer Reports gathered data on more than half a million vehicles. They covered more than 300 models from 2000 to 2016. They also included a few early 2017 models. With that much information, Consumer Reports can predict the future reliability of established models. They can also make predictions on new or redesigned models based on similar models and brand history.

I made a prediction in 1997 when I arrived in Las Vegas and joined the Toyota sales team. I saw the future for the brand, especially as the vehicles were being increasingly built in America. After nearly a decade representing Honda, I left that company behind. Honda was also producing more made in America vehicles. Toyota quality scores surpassed Honda and my move proved to be the right one.

For many years I have kept a copy of the Consumer Reports automotive issue as an evidence piece. Consumer Reports is a non-biased magazine which publishes research done by Consumer Union. This organization does not sell advertising and therefore can publish unbiased reports of their research. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a fairer, safer, healthier marketplace.

Working with the Lexus buyer in mind

Throughout my career I have not been one for jumping from store to store and certainly not from brand to brand. In past management positions, I have worked in two high-end European dealerships. As a salesman, Keeping the buyer in mind, I have made the decision to go with a decades proven winner. Lexus not only manufactures a superior automobile, but also prides itself on creating lifelong customer relationships. Lexus accomplishes this by anticipating customer needs while continually meeting each and every owner concern.