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Best Certified Pre-Owned Program for 2019 Lexus L/Certified

Best Certified Pre-Owned Program for 2019

Once again, U.S. News and World Report picks the Lexus L/Certifed program to be the best available on the market for 2019. As new car prices soar, more buyers are gravitating to Certified Pre-owned vehicles (CPO). Smart money is spent on pre-owned automobiles. With  CPO not only saves money at time of purchase, but throughout the life of the car.

Today’s car buyer has to be more thoughtful of how their dollars are spent than at any other time. Lexus understands this and has created a CPO program with the buyers’ best interest in mind.

The Best Mix of Protection and Perks for Used Car Buyers

The Best of Article states that Lexus L/Certified offers “the best mix of protection and perks for used car buyers”. Not only are thousands of dollars saved at time of purchase with Lexus, but extended protection adds a minimum of two years additional breakdown protection.

If a pre-owned Lexus is out of original factory warranty, the car is delivered with a two year, warranty as comprehensive as the car’s original new car coverage. When the car is delivered with remaining factory warranty, the remainder passes on to the new owner. Once the new car warranty expires, the owner then gets the additional warranty.

The best news is that the L/Certified warranty has no mileage limitation. The original factory warranty is four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you were to purchase a two year old Lexus, you get the remainder of the four year factory warranty but all mileage limitations go away.

Many certified programs put short limitations on how far back a car can be certified. Lexus will actually certify a vehicle as far back as seven years. The only requirement is that the car or SUV must be under 70,000 miles.

Don’t be foolish with your car buying dollars

As new car prices have risen year after year, it is now more important than ever to compare a new car purchase to a pre-owned option. There are many new car choices that will cost more than purchasing a one or two year old Lexus L/Certified vehicle.

Many new car options can have less years warranty than a certified Lexus and they have mileage limitations. Also, keep in mind that Lexus automobiles are not only known for their dependability as per J. D. Power Dependability Study  year after year but also for their long drive lifetime.

With many new car prices averaging over $35,000 you will find plenty of Lexus L/Certified choices available at or below that dollar amount. Smart buyers purchase CPO cars because they want the most for their car buying dollars. The smartest of all car buyers will invest in Lexus L/Certified vehicles only.





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