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Autotrader Best Luxury Certified Program

Autotrader calls it Best Luxury Certified Program

With 30 years in the car business, I had many choices when it came choosing which car to sell. Recently Autotrader confirmed my decision to become a Lexus salesman. For 2016 Autotrader chose Lexus as the best luxury certified program on the market today. As a result, it knocked the 2015 winner Porsche to the number two spot. Below you will discover the benefits to you of driving Lexus certified, the best luxury certified pre-owned.

Lexus calls it Lexus L/Certified

Lexus’s CPO program, called L/Certified, is the best in the industry among luxury brands. Lexus CPO or Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must meet high standards of reconditioning at a Lexus dealership. Technicians can only consider vehicles under 6 years old and below 70,000 miles for certification. Once selected, Lexus technicians put each pre-owned vehicle through a comprehensive 161 point inspection. This is to insure the highest quality certified automobiles. I have watched the reconditioning process and it is impressive.

The Lexus warranty

I like that the L/Certified warranties begin after the Lexus new car warranty ends. Even the Toyota certified program where I came from did not do that. Other CPO warranties run at the same time as the remaining new car warranty. The Lexus new car warranty is four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Unlike other warranties, the Lexus L/Certified warranty starts after your new car warranty ends. At the end of the factory new car warranty you then receive two years with unlimited miles of protection. Plus, you also receive two years or 20,000 miles complimentary, scheduled maintenance with your L/Certified Lexus vehicle.

Lexus L/Certified travels with you

And there is more.  Customers are provided with a service loaner car to drive at no cost when their Lexus must be left for repairs for half a day or more. Plus, you are covered nationwide when traveling outside your hometown. When traveling, you are also compensated for trip interruption. Lexus will pay you up to $200 per day for reimbursement of your food and lodging expenses.

Whether you are driving local or on an out of town trip Lexus has you covered. Each Lexus L/Certified vehicle comes with six years, unlimited-miles roadside assistance. L/Certified roadside assistance covers you for any breakdowns even running out of gas, a flat tire or lockout. You can see why Autotrader picked Lexus as the best Luxury certified program on the market for 2016.

When you consider the thousands of dollars saved by buying a certified Lexus, there is no better value on the market. Maintenance services included with your L/Certifed purchase could save you as much as $2500. As a salesman in the car business half my life, I have never seen a better certified program. I have worked with Honda, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Toyota and Lexus L/Certified is by far the best program out there.

My advice to you

My advice to you is that if you are considering purchasing any new or used vehicle you must first check out L/Certified by Lexus. Get the most for your car buying dollars with a one, two or three year old L/Certified Lexus. In conclusion, I find that many certified Lexus cars and SUVs are priced for less than other new cars and SUVs.

Because of the Lexus certified program and the number one spot on J.D Powers Vehicle Dependability Study you can’t buy better value.




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Quality reduces being upside down

The value of buying Lexus quality

Here is another reason for you to buy a quality Lexus automobile! In November 2016 a USA Today article announced that car buyers today are more upside down in their financed autos than ever before.

Studies show nearly 32% of all vehicles offered as trade-ins at U.S. dealerships are in negative equity positions. This is data according according to Edmunds.com. The recent loosening of credit by lenders has encouraged car owners to trade in their vehicles sooner than they have in the past. Recently trades have carried negative equity from one car to the next

Too good to be true?

You should beware of brands that offer you rebates or deeps discounts of thousands of dollars. Huge rebates is a good indicator that a vehicle was over-priced to start with. Think about it, the only time you see deep discounts is when merchandise is distressed.

When rebates were first introduced to auto sales, there was an old saying that: “If a manufacture has to pay you so much to sell you the car new, how much are you going to have to pay someone to buy it used?”

In those earlier years I was selling Japanese cars. Domestic manufactures were pushing huge rebates and discounts to get people to buy American makes. The exception became the norm, even for imports.

A great alternative

One alternative to financing yourself into a guaranteed upside position is to have a large down payment. In the old days 20 to 30 percent down payment was expected of buyers by lenders. In addition to down payment, sales taxes and fees had to be paid at time of purchase. Over the years, that requirement changed in car buying just as it did with real estate transactions.

A great alternative for you is leasing your vehicles. Leasing is an alternative form of financing. With lease financing the taxes are not collected up front at the time of purchase. You do not have to come up with taxes in addition to your down payment or including them in your financing.

With leasing, your taxes are calculated and added to each payment. For example with an 8 percent sales tax rate, a $300 monthly payment becomes $324 with the taxes included. Therefore, as a buyer you only pay only for what you use. If the car is not kept past the lease term, the taxes are never collected on the residual value or unpaid balance. Even if you trade in early, taxes are not due on the unused portion of the car.

The value of leasing Lexus quality

Just as you will always comes out ahead by buying a quality product, you will also come out ahead in leasing quality over gimmicky finance “specials”

Change is in the air

Change is already in the air just since that USA Today article published two months ago . With the slight rise in interest rates, manufacturers are finding it more difficult to offer zero percent financing. Special offers in January 2017 are less attractive than they were in December 2016. Continue to beware of huge discounts and rebates, those are signs of overpriced products. Buy quality up front and you won’t have to go deep to pay somebody else down the road to buy your used car from you.